pension calculator kpk- pension formula

pension calculator kpk- pension formula

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Hello guys and welcome to this post so you might be looking for the pension calculator kpk 2018. We are going to give you the pension calculator of Pakistan in this post so keep reading and you will find out that. Pakistan is a country where there is so much attention being paid to the government jobs and then the main reason is the pension that people get point no this is so important for the pensioners to keep themselves active and check there pay scales in pay on a regular basis so as to avoid any misconceptions and miscalculation that they can face in the future so they can easily going get the knowledge adequate for the pension and their salaries.

pension formula Pension Calculator KPK

pension calculator kpk

pension calculator kpk

Now and we talked about the structure of the government so it is quite different organisation was everything changes and one group of people takes a lot of money compared to the breast who don’t get a chance to have that much money compare to the high court of Peshawar point similar to the case with FATA SECRETARIAT and judges I forgot to mention the Pilots and the chartered accountants were paid in millions where is the normal guy who go for labour only Learns about four $5 per day so this is quite and just.pension calculator kpk  is above the text do check your salaries.

pension calculator punjab

The actual problem with the system is that this country has been ruled by one of the worst type of corruption and money laundering that either there were no able people who can change the system or they weren’t allowed or permitted by the establishment section to do that because there were too many peeps and they were only concerned with your own commission and they did not let the system to settle in Pakistan. Now this issue is not a local issue it is a global issue different countries have different problems but surely the third world countries in which Pakistan and India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan this is very common issue with which we people are facing as a nation but the World must be ashamed of the fact that there are so many resources in it that can fulfill the requirements of more than 10 million people but still people in some countries die of Hunger because of the system that is not doing the justice to them. Must read about the pension calculator panjab.

pension calculator sindh

No we were talking about the pension calculator Punjab and also the pension calculator kpk but it was pretty necessary to discuss these problems also that has caused us to witness such kind of irregularity between different positions and forms of employment. now as the new government took place just recently surely everybody is expecting from them in general and I expect from them in particular because I think that now this has been 1 Rial good combination of evil people that can take the country out of crisis in can bring it to Wave that is more prosperous than ever before in history of the seven day care that we have lived in as a nation. If they follow this path and the pension schemes are also revised on the basis of the great economy that they can bring and also the surrounding loans in the country the money laundering issue the failure of the system in the failure of the administration issues they can overcome that I think we can witness a prosperous Pakistan in the future and I believe this will be a great achievement by any government in the history of this for the nation. When we talked about the injustice and unequal opportunities for folks from around the country we must not forget that we are too much under the stress of that money under the loans that the governments took and these loans are not in the country in fact they are out of the country and or a burden on the economy what happens that once they take the loans and they don’t do the works the construction things.

must check our your pensions as you know it may be abandoned by the government in the recent times because the economic status of pakistan is getting worse  and worst therefore you should check our your pensions using this pension calculator kpk and take it as soon as possible in pakistan, that is rapidly moving towards progress you should also contribute to the well being of this nations in general and to the future of your kids in particular thanks.

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