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hello and welcome to news today so in this post we are going to talk about the top stories from around the world and also from the United States so stay tuned to this post because there are so many latest news to come from us news today.
Today US welcome Imran Khan is the newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan earlier today when he took the oath then this series of congratulations started in it the first thing which happened that Theresa May called him and congratulation him and then later on it was followed by the United States spokesperson as well that they congratulated PCI chairman who receive the messages around the globe and now holds the title of being the Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
now he struggled for 22 years and is now the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan and with flooded Well wishes from not only sportsman politicians celebrities and many others on around lottery comments from all over the globe. news today.
this is not the greatest news for a man who struggles so much for this Nation and has earned this place for himself after such a long time now moreover heated no work spokesman of us department of state looks forward to maintain Amity and peace on the national and international level as on steps in takes charge as the newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan on Saturday.
they said that the recognised in welcome this newly elected Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Imran Khan and who took Oath of office today and for over 70 years relationship between Pakistan and the United States has been aap vital 1.

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news today.

news today.

they both have at times been alloys and or strategic partnerships have been made between the two countries but unfortunately in the recent years they are not helping themselves by securing each others interest in the region and where is Pakistan is concerned their financial crisis is something that nobody can ignore.
where is when we talk about the US and Pakistan relationship so the United States want influence in this South Asian region so for that the role of Pakistan becomes double important because Pakistan is a key player in the region with having nuclear capabilities and also the neighbour like China and India and Iran and Afghanistan so when we talk about the bilateral relationship between Pakistan in United States the security reasons and threats to the US and where is the financial crisis of Pakistan about the countries should communicate with each other a bit more and also to involve their neighbours like India and Iran because India is an alloy of the US where is Iran is somewhat enemy of Let machine so we believe that with Imran Khan now taking the charge he can play a vital role in resolving 20 most important issues between countries. news today have got plenty of stories that we are going to share with you but this one was pretty important when the United States look forward to working with Pakistan’s new civil in government in order to promote the prosperity and peace in Pakistan and also particularly in the region says heather Nauert who is US department spokesman and he stated that she sensible wishes for can like many other before him.
I want we talked about this second story from the news so we get plenty of those in which one of them is that Shoaib Malik who is a cricket store in the much crippled man in this Pakistan my nephew also congratulated Imran Khan for getting a prime minister of Pakistan and he said that were in the leadership of Imran Khan Pakistan can cross the Heights and can reach the highest level of development and progress which the nation has never seen in the course of 70 or more years these are such a long period of time when a nation is suffering from so much weather that is terrorism weather that is financial crisis and others such kind of rubbish stuff that’s happening all over Pakistan in general and in the Middle East in particular.