Latest General Knowledge MCQ’s

latest general knowledge mcqs

75 Latest General Knowledge MCQ’s

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Q1. Total number of continents in the World is
(A) 5 (B) 6 (C) 7 ★ (D) 9
Q2. Total number of oceans in the World is
(A) 3 (B) 5 ★ (C) 7 (D) 12
Q3. Which one is the largest ocean in the World?
(A) Indian (B) Pacific ★ (C) Atlantic (D) Arctic
Q4. Which one is the smallest ocean in the World?
(A) Indian (B) Pacific (C) Atlantic (D) Arctic ★
Q5. Dead Sea is located between which two countries?
(A) Jordan and Sudan (B) Jordan and Israel ★
(C) Turkey and UAE (D) UAE and Egypt
Q6. Which country gifted the ‘Statue of Liberty’ to USA in 1886?
(A) French ★ (B) Canada (C) Brazil (D) England
Q7. In which ocean ‘Bermuda Triangle’ region is located?
(A) Atlantic ★ (B) Indian (C) Pacific (D) Arctic
Q8. Which country is also known as ‘Land of the ‘Midnight Sun’?
(A) Geenland (B) Iceland (C) Ireland (D) Norway ★
Q9. Which country is known as the ‘playground of Europe’?
(A) Autria (B) Holland (C) Switzerland ★ (D) Italy
Q10. Which country is also known as the ‘Land of Rising Sun’?
(A) Japan ★ (B) New Zealand (C) Fiji (D) China
Q11. Which country is also known as the ‘Land of Thousand Lakes’?
(A) Iceland (B) Norway
(C) Finland ★ (D)Switzerland
Q12. Which country is known as the ‘Land of Thunderbolts’?
(A) China (B) Bhutan ★ (C) Mongolia (D) Thailand
Q13. In which country, white elephant is found?
(A) India (B) Sri Lanka (C) Thailand★(D) Malaysia
Q14. Which continent has the highest number of countries?
(A) Asia (B) Europe (C) Noth America (D) Africa ★
Q15. Which one is the largest producer of tea in the World?
(A) China ★ (B) Sri Lanka (C) India (D) Kenya
1. How many verses are in Holy Qur’an?
A. 6235 B. 6666. ★
C. 6237 D. 6238
2. How many times is the word ‘Qur’an’ repeated in Holy Qur’an?
A. 67 B. 68 C. 69 D. 70 ★
3. Which is the best drink mentioned in Holy Qur’an? A. Honey B. Milk★ C. Water D. Juice
4 The best eatable thing mentioned in Holy Quran is?
A. Honey ★ B. Milk C. Water melon D. Dabino
5. Which is the shortest Sura of Holy Qur’an?
6. The most disliked thing by Allah Ta’ala though Halal is?
A. Hajj B. Divorce★ C. Marriage D. Murder
7. Which letter is used the most time in Holy Quran?
A. Wa B. Ba’un C. Alif ★ D. Qaf
8. Which letter is used the least in the Holy Qur’an?
A. Zaa ★ B. Maa C. Taa D. Laa
9. Which is the biggest animal mentioned in Holy Qur’an?
A. Fish B. Whale C. Elephant ★ D. Anaconda
10. Which is the smallest animal mentioned in Holy Qur’an?
A. Fly B. Mosquito ★ C. Spider D. Ant
11. How many words are in the smallest Sura (kausar) of Holy Qur’an?
A. 41 B. 42 ★ C. 43 D. 44
12. Which Sura of Holy Quran is called the mother of Qur’an?
A. Baqara B. Fatiha ★ C. Iklass D. Yaseen
13. How many Sura start with Al-Hamdulillah?
A. Four B. Five ★ C. six D. Seven
14. How many Sura’s name is only one letter?
A. Two B. Three ★ C. Four D. Five
15. How many Sura start with word ‘Inna ‘?
A. Three B. Four. ★ C. Five D. Six
16. How many Sura are Makkahi
A. 85 B. 86 ★ C. 87 D. 88
17. and how suras many are Madni
A. 28 ★ B. 27 C. 26 D. 25
18. Which Sura is from the name of tribe of Holy Prophet?
A. Lahab B. Quraish ★ C. Hashim D. Sab’i
19. Which Sura is called the heart of Holy Qur’an?
A. Iklas B. Yaseen★ C. Fatiha D. Mulk
20. In which Sura is the name of Allah repeated only five times?
A. An’am B. Hajj ★ C. Maryam D. Mu’meen
21. Which Sura is the name of one Holy war?
A. Room B. Ahzab ★ C. Fathi D. Nasr
22. Which Sura is the name of one metal?
A. Ra’ad B. Hadeed ★ C. Ahzab D. HUD
23. Which Sura is called ‘Aroos-ul-Qur’an
A. Fatiha B. Yaseen C. Jinn D. Rahman ★
24. Which Sura is considered as 1/3 of holy Qur’an?
A. Al-Ikhlas ★ B. Falaq… C. Nas D. Fatiha
25. Which Sura was revealed twice?
A. Iklaas B. Fatiha★ C. Ayatul kursiyyu D. Tauba
26. In which Sura is the backbiter condemned?
A. Munafiqun B. Humaza ★
C. Nuhu D. Zalzala
27. In which Sura is the name of Allah repeated in every verse?
A. Iklaas B. Mujadala ★
C. Mumtahana D. Fatiha
28. In which Sura does the letter ‘Fa’ did not appear?
A. Al-Imaran B. Baqara.
C. fatiha ★ D. Nass
29. How many Suras starts with word ‘ Tabara Kallazi’
A. 4 B. 3 C. 2 ★ D. 1
30. Makkan Suras were revealed in how many years?
A. 13 ★ B. 14 C. 15 D. 16
31. Medina Sura were revealed in how many years?
A. 8 B. 9 C. 10 ★ D. 11
32. How many Suras start with word Qad?
A. 2 ★ B. 3 C 4 D. 5
33. Which Sura is related to Hazrat Ali?
A. Humaza B. Tagabun C. Adiyat ★ D. Balad
34. Which Sura has every verse ending with letter ‘Dal ‘?
A. Iqra’a B. falaq C. Balad D. Iklas★
35. Which Sura is revealed in respect of Ahle Bayt?
A. Luqman B. Qamar C. Layl D. Insan ★
36. Which Sura every verse ends with letter ‘Ra’
A. Buruj B. Dariq C. Kausar★ D. Shams
37. In which Sura is the creation of human beings mentioned?
A. Hajj B. Hijr ★ C. Hadid D. Humaza
38. In which Sura are the regulations for prisoners of war mentioned?
A. Baqara B. Al- Imran
C. Nisa ★ D. Insan
39. Which Sura deals with the laws of marriage?
A. Dalaq B. Mujadala C. Nisa ★ D. Mumtahana
40. In which Sura is the story of the worship of cow of Bani Israeel mentioned?
A. Baqara B. Taha ★ C. Qasas D. Kahfi
41. In which Sura is the law of inheritance mentioned?
A. Nisa. ★ B. Ma’ida C. Noor D. Anbiya
42. In which Sura is the Hijra of the Holy Prophet mentioned?
A. A’araf B. HUD C. Nuhu D. Anfal★
43. In which Sura are the 27 Attributes of Allah mentioned?
A. Hadeed ★ B. Rahman
C.Yunus D. Yusuf
44. Which is the best night mentioned in Holy Qur’an?
A. Qamar B. Qadar ★
C. Najm D. Layl
45. Which is the best month mentioned in Holy Qur’an?
A. Rajab B. Sha’abān
C. Ramadan ★ D. Hajj

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46. How many words are in the longest Sura of Holy Qur’an?
A. 25500 ★ B. 26600
C. 27700 D. 28800
47. How many times is Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem is repeated?
A. 116 B. 115 C. 114 ★ D. 113
48. How many Sura start with Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem?
A. 116 B. 115 C. 114 D. 113 ★
49. In what surah the first aya in the holy Qur’an revealed?
A. Fatiha B. Muzammil
C. Mudassir D. Iqra’a ★
50. What is the translation of ‘Muzammil’?
A. The enshrouded One ★ B. The cloaked One
C. The feared One D. The Runaway One
51: What is the meaning of Pakistan
(A) Muslim Land
(B) Land of five rivers
(C) Holy land ★
52: Who is the first governor general of Pakistan
(A) Sikendar Mirza
(B) Muhammad Ali Jinnah ★
(C) Liaqat Ali khan
53:: What was the major event of 1971
(A) Bangladesh broke away from Pakistan★
(B) Tashkent Agreement
(C) Nawaz Sharif become Prime Minister
54: In which year did Pakistan win the cricket world cup?
(A) 1991 ( B) 1992 ★ (C) 1993
55: When did Pakistan win Olympic gold medal in Hockey for the first time?
(A) 1960 ★ (B) 1971 (C) 1948
56: Where was general pervez Mushraf born?
(A) Lahore (B) Delhi★ (C) Karachi
57:Where is the tomb of mughal emperor Jahangeer?
(A) Bomby (B) Aagra (C) Lahore★
58: Who is succeeded Zia Ul Haq as president of Pakistan?
(A) Ishaq khan ★ (B) Rafiq Tararr (C) Bhutto
59:When did Pakistan become a Republic?
(A) 23/3/1956★
(B) 14/8/1947
(C) 6/11/1963
60:How many time did squash player Jahangeer khan when world open?
(A) Six (B) Seven (C) Eight ★
61:Which is the national Flower of Pakistan?
(A) Jasmin ★ (B) Rose (C) Thistle
62: Who Designed Pakistan’s national flag?
A) Ch Rehmal Ali
B) Ameer Ul Deen khdwai★
C) Wali khan
63: Which Militry Alliance had Pakistan as its member?
64:Who wrote Pakistan’s First National anthem?
(A) Hafeez Jallundri ★
(B) Abdul Rab Nashtar
(C) Ahmad Chagla.

01:Q. Vladimir Putin belongs to _____ Party:
(a) Communist Party (b) United Russia ★
(c) Nationalist (d) None of These
2:Q. Vladimir Putin wins ______ term as Russian President Elections 2018?
(a) Fifth (b) Fourth ★
(c) Sixth (d) None of These
3:Q.Who won the Russian Presidential Elections 2018?
(a) Pavel Grudinin (b) Vladimir Zhirinovsky
(c) Vladimir Putin ★ (d) None of These
4:Q. Russian Presidential Elections was held on:
(a) 16th March, 2018 (b) 19th Feb, 2018
(c) 19th March, 2018 ★ (d) None of These
5:Q. Who is the current Secretary of State of USA?
(a) Mike Pompeo ★ (b) Rex W. Tillerson
(c) Gina Haspel (d) None of These
6:Q. Which Country Expels Nearly 23 Russian Diplomats After Nerve Attack On Ex-Spy?
(a) U.K ★ (b) USA (c) North Korea (d) All
7:Q. Which Country successfully launched a hyper-sonic Missile recently called as “an ideal weapon“?
(a) Russia ★ (b) USA
(c) North Korea (d) All
8:Q. Which Country has approved the removal of the two-term limit on the presidency and effectively allowing President to remain in Power for life.
(a) China ★ (b) Iran (c) Japan (d) Pakistan
9;Q. Which two countries signed a key Security accord for the Indian Ocean to counter China’s growing influence in the region?
(a) Pakistan and China (b) India and France ★
(c) India and Japan (d) None of These
10:Q. Which two countries have been recently suspended from voting in the United Nations (UN) General Assembly?
(a) Venezuela and Somalia
(b) Venezuela and Iraq
(c) Venezuela and Libya ★
(d) None of These
11:Q. _______ Country Supreme Court has issued a landmark ruling allowing “passive euthanasia”:
(a) Pakistan (b) India ★
(c) Saudi Arabia (d) None of These
12:Q. _______ country holds first ever All-female marathon:
(a) Pakistan (b) Iran
(c) Saudi Arabia ★ (d) A and B