Important General Knowledge Mcq’s

General Knowledge mcq's for Etea, nts, pts, ots,public service commission

Important General Knowledge Questions.

General Knowledge:
1. Total District in Pak ?133
2. Total District in Punjab ? 36
3. Total District in KP ? 26
4. Oldest Contonment of Pakistan? Kohat
5. India Construct Wuller Berrage on which river? Jhelum
6. Commander in Chief who was also defence minister in civil Govt? Ayub
7. Who was 2nd Martial Law Administrator ? Yahya Khan
8. Smallest Division of KP? Bannu
9. Jinah Of Pakistan was written by? Stanley Wolpert
10. Shalimar Garden was built by Shah Jehan.
11. Tomb of Iqbal located in? Near Badshahi Masjid
12. Gadani Beach is located in which province? Baluchistan
13. Karakurom Highway connect Pak with? China
14. Smallest state by area? Malta
15. Plant exhale at night time which gas? CO2
16. distance from north and south equator is called? Latitude
17. Eastern Meditarian Island cypress divided between which two country? Greece and Turkey
18. Reuters is the news agency of? UK
19. WWW statnd ? World wide web
20. Most urbanized province of pak? Sindh
21. Black Gold is the name of? Oil
22. coldest area of the world? Siberia
23. Capital of Azad Jamu Kashmir? Muzaffarabad
24. Pak won world cup in? 1992
25. which are of Pakistan is sandwitch between china and Indian occupied Kashmir? Baltistan
26. in 1945-46 which war was fought? First Anglo Sikh war
27. Bristol is the sea port of? Uk
28. 1999 UN peacekeeping mission to which country? Kosovo
29. oldest barrage of Pakistan? Sukkur
30. Gulf war participate by which countrys? Iraq
31. from the moon which structure on the land visible? The great wall of China
32. country shortest coastline? Monaco
33. Country biggest irrigation system of the world? Pakistan
34. largest planet of the solar system? Jupiter
35. City of canals? Venice
36. China situated in which part of Asia? East Asia
37. Sweden currency? Krona
38. Cedi is the currency? Ghana
39. Romania Currency? Lei
40. First cabinet of Pakistan established? 15 August, 1947
41. M Ghaznavi Destroyed ? Somnath Temple
42. Tipu Sultan died in 4 Mysore war.
43. Which country has a least population growth?
44. Lome is the capital of Togo
45. “Pakistan, the heart of Asia” is a book written by liaqat Ali Khan in 1950.
46. Founder of Mughal Empire?