biek karachi result 2018

biek intermediate results 2018

biek karachi result 2018:

Click here for Karachi board intermediate result 2018: 

In this post you will get the b i e k Karachi result 2018 if you are a student who have just appeared in intermediate examination these results are specially dedicated for user go and check how many marks you have lot and how much the percentage is there.
if you are looking for the Intermediate result 2018 Karachi board this is the perfect platform for you it will redirect to the actual website of biek Karachi and there you can find the result very easily.
HSC part 1 result 2018 Karachi board just on the way so you will soon be able to retrieve the data from the database of the b i e k Karachi board and can find that how much percentage you have earned for yourself in which college is better

biek intermediate results 2018

biek intermediate results 2018

intermediate result 2018 karachi board,

Students from all over Karachi and this province desperately wait for this results to be announced very soon but because of the Processing which is too slow in Pakistan therefore they observe delay and we are compelled to bear that
Karachi is one of the biggest cities of Peshawar with having more than 2 crore population it makes it one of the important and kind of vulnerable province.
therefore the residence must look forward to getting these results on regular basis because they would want to get job for themselves the more business a province get the more there are jobs produced but unfortunately because we live in a third world there for a we haven’t been able to make job creation for yourself easier whereas the rest of the Nations have gone too far in the progress and development of their people.
I believe we can work hard and change the Dynamics of the education in our favour

problem with your education system is that we haven’t groomed or kids well in order to make them intelligent enough to take part in the development of our country but the real issue is that we only focus on the long-term memory or memorizing culture. result 2017:


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This has ruined on education system and we are lacking if you want to make definition of prosperous one we have to take the initiative and work hard in order to bring back things to this poor Nation from the foreign world where it has kept in the Swiss banks. I need a reception too much corruption that it is almost impossible forest 2 get control of the wealth that we have lost to that corruption and now they are in the Mayfair buildings London and some other Western countries as well. along with doing the corruption they not only devastated the economy of Pakistan but also the educational structure which don’t even get 4% of the quota in that’s why the b i e k Karachi intermediate results 2018 100% so if you want to make it 100% the structure of education and the system in particular must have to change. because success lies in change in a positive change in a step in a good direction that gets faster to you so don’t hesitate to ask us if you think that we can help you out with you job search Oriya BA 1 year result Karachi board 2018 intermediate everything will be fine and you will find it easily with jobs pk.

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biek date sheet 2018:

one of the best thing in Karachi is that it was the former capital of Pakistan and it was the financial centre of the country it head major ports like port Qasim and Gawadar which is situated far away from Karachi.
these two are the main players as far as the exports and imports are concerned the Traveling and because this is the warm water so it is remained open all 12 months of the Aircel there is no stopping in trading between countries and especially through Europe and Japan and all this stuff so because this big vehicles cannot be imported through Aircel therefore it is necessary to have over Water pot like port qasim and gawader.
Nadi Sepat projects also take place with the help of this sport it will be further improved and the Chinese are happy to be in collaboration with the Pakistan Government and the labours so that both countries can benefit from this ports.


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biek results,

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this is the perfect opportunity for all of the students to find the b k Karachi Intermediate result 2018 and also share with friends they are over a hundred thousand people who appeared in the intermediate examination teachers therefore it is difficult for the server to be responsive to that many queries jobs pk we redirect you to the website so that means that your chance of getting the result area increases drastically why because the director response from the server would not be good but from server to server it may respond well to you at times therefore it is mandatory that you should do in the direction in get all this things.
once you get the result for yourself then you can choose the university and the choose the subjects which suits you the most and can be a good fit for your future and also which year inexpensive in terms of their fees that is another important aspect of our poverty that we like in fulfilling the fees.
Most of the population of Pakistan is under the poverty line from the United Nations so it at some extra pressure on the youngsters so that they can do something extraordinary in order to be good at any situation where as It’s a tough challenge for a so everybody must take this initiative and strengthening to hard works in get the SBI e k Karachi result 2018 of intermediate
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